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Provides common neural network layers.

For now the layers in common should be discribed as layers that are typical layers for building neural networks but are not activation or loss layers.


pub use self::convolution::Convolution;
pub use self::convolution::ConvolutionConfig;
pub use self::dropout::Dropout;
pub use self::dropout::DropoutConfig;
pub use self::linear::Linear;
pub use self::linear::LinearConfig;
pub use self::log_softmax::LogSoftmax;
pub use self::pooling::Pooling;
pub use self::pooling::PoolingConfig;
pub use self::pooling::PoolingMode;
pub use self::rnn::Rnn;
pub use self::rnn::RnnConfig;
pub use self::softmax::Softmax;


Convolves the input tensor.

Applies a Dropout layer to the input data x

Applies a linear transformation to the input data y = a * x + b

Computes the logarithmic softmax of its input.

Applies pooling to the input.

Create a Recursive Layer

Computes the softmax of its input.


Provides common utilities for Layers that utilize a filter with stride and padding.